Keeping track of your finances can be a challenge for many individuals regardless of your income level. Whether you need help with expense and income tracking, bill paying, or tax preparation, the staff at Adkins & Reynolds can help you keep track of your current financial situation and help you plan for the future.

Daily Money Manager

Let Adkins & Reynolds take over the stress of paying bills and managing your finances. Our Money Management services can be beneficial to many people, not just those who are not able to handle their own finances. Our services work great for individuals who do not have time or who do not want to create a budget, pay bills and properly oversee their finances. All of our services are customizable to your unique situation.

  • Bill Paying

  • Creating and Managing a Budget

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

Services For The Elderly

Our elderly often become targets for financial scams. Having an accountant manage their finances allows them to maintain their independence from family members while providing a much needed check for suspicious requests.

Adkins & Reynolds has a program designed especially for them. Our services include

  • monthly bill paying,
  • financial account reconciliation,
  • immediate notification of suspicious activity, and
  • monthly reporting.

Tax Preparation

Income taxes are a certainty in today’s world, but make sure you aren’t paying more than is required! The team at Adkins & Reynolds keep updated on the latest tax laws on a federal and state level. We can work with you to ensure all filing deadlines are met and minimize your financial obligations.

Whether your taxes are straightforward or complicated, we can help. In addition to federal returns, we work with state returns from all 50 states. We specialize in helping business owners and the self-employed navigate the tax requirements and deadlines.

In addition to annual tax returns, our team can help you with estimated quarterly taxes and other issues. Our tax planning services can help you reduce your tax bill for future filing periods while helping you set and achieve short and long-term financial goals.

Tax Audit Support

Are you being audited by the IRS or your state tax department? Are you prepared? You can be audited for up to three years after your return is filed. Adkins & Reynolds can assist you with preparing for a federal or a state audit, as well as represent you during the process. Audits can be random or because of a red flag on your return. Some common triggers for an audit are listed below.

  • Employees versus Independent Contractors. If you own a business and have employees, the IRS closely examines employee classifications. Be sure your employees who meet the criteria are treated appropriately.

  • Large Business Losses. If your tax return shows thousands of dollars in business losses for a single year, it could trigger an audit. Be sure to keep all receipts and carefully document all business expenses.

  • Large Charitable Contributions. If your charitable contributions are more than 10 percent of your annual income, the IRS may examine your return more closely. Make sure you document all contributions and only make contributions to established charities that are recognized by the IRS.

  • Unreported Income. The IRS receives copies of all W-2s and 1099s. If there is income reported on your Social Security number and that amount is not included on your tax return, an audit is very likely.

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